Protecting Furniture From Kids

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Protecting Furniture From Kids

Children are a wonderful, fun-filled addition to any family, but they can be extremely hard on furniture—especially if it wasn't meant for rough-housing kids. I learned this lesson the hard way after I brought my daughter home to a living room filed with cream-colored couches. Her bottles were constantly dripping everywhere, and it was frustrating to see how many stains they accumulated. This blog is all about helping parents to protect their furniture from their kids, so that you can like your house as much as you love them. In addition to making your house look great, protecting furniture can help you to keep your investments intact.



Four Features To Consider For Your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen gives you a great way to enjoy the outdoors while preparing meals, and it transforms your backyard into an outdoor entertainment space. When planning your outdoor kitchen design, you'll want to make sure you have all the convenience features and extras you need to make the space perfect. Here are some options to consider as you plan this project.


A pergola provides added shade from the sun while defining the space for your outdoor kitchen. Consider a design with a retractable shade, which lets you determine how much natural sunlight you want to allow in. If you'll be adding a dining area directly in front of the kitchen, extend the pergola over the dining area to provide added comfort while enjoying a meal.

Brick Oven

Having a brick oven in your home isn't always ideal, but your outdoor kitchen offers the perfect spot for one. You won't have to worry about the flames bringing too much heat into your home, and the rustic design coordinates beautifully with the natural surroundings. Use your brick oven to make homemade pizzas, freshly baked breads, and appetizers for dinner party guests.

Bar Area

If you'll be entertaining guests at dinner parties, a bar area might be a great option for you. This space provides a place to serve guests, whether it's a meal or a cocktail, and it adds a handsome finishing touch to the outdoor kitchen. Use the inside of the bar area to stash a wine cooler and a beverage fridge so drinks are always chilled and ready to go. You can also add a counter for food prep and an integrated ice bucket for serving drinks.

Deep Fryer

You're probably already considering a built-in grill for your kitchen, but you might not have considered a deep fryer. This handy addition makes it easy to prepare French fries or fried vegetables to serve with burgers and hot dogs, and having it located in the outdoor kitchen means you can do all of your cooking in the same place. Work with your remodeling contractor to find a built-in model that suits your needs and that matches your other outdoor appliances.

Of course, there are lots of other additions to consider for your outdoor kitchen, such as a flat-screen television, custom lighting, and a built-in sink. Talk to your contractor about the features that are most important to you, and then work together to create the design you love using the materials you want.